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2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chairperson: Barbra Sundberg Baudot

Professors: Barbara Sundberg Baudot, Dale Kuehne; Associate Professors: Peter B. Josephson, Christine A. Gustafson, Jennifer C. Lucas; Assistant Professor: Christopher J. Galdieri, Erik Cleven; Lecturers: Joseph Constance, Lou D’Alessandro, Brother Isaac S. Murphy, O.S.B. and Jacques Baudot.

Aristotle tells us that the science of politics is “the master science in the realm of action” because politics both makes use of and gives direction to other studies. As Aristotle explains, the student of politics is in the special position of examining both universal ideas of justice and particular applications of those ideals of combining theory and practice. We learn about politics by studying the world and reflecting on what we have observed. We examine political systems, institutions, and processes; modes of citizen participation; and political regimes, cultures, and values. This study requires empirical training and statistical literacy as well as concern for the enduring questions of liberty, power, and justice. In the process, we seek to develop students’ critical thinking, research, and organizational skills as well as their ability to articulate precisely, both in written and oral form, the ideas necessary for thoughtful contributions to public life. In the end, the study of politics involves the study of human nature as that nature is developed and expressed in particular political settings -local, national, or international. While our students examine citizenship in the United States and many countries around the world we also wonder about the limits of politics. Following Aristotle, our courses therefore also emphasize that work and study of political actors in the pursuit of the public good-the life of action-should ultimately point beyond itself toward contemplation of the Divine.

Three Majors in the Department of Politics

Students in the Department of Politics may choose one of three majors we offer: Politics, International Relations, and Environmental Politics. Students of Politics complete studies in each of the four fields within the discipline (American government, international relations, comparative government, and political theory.) The International Relations major offers students an interdisciplinary course of study including bilateral, multilateral and global politics, theories relevant to international relations, comparative systems, international law, and regional and universal institutions. The Environmental Politics major offers a diverse set of courses that combines both the social sciences and natural sciences. In the senior year, students from all three majors are required to produce a significant piece of original scholarship in a particular area of the student’s choosing. A description of each major, and list of required courses, can be found below.

New Hampshire Institute of Politics (NHIOP)

In conjunction with the academic programs of study offered by the Department of Politics, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College provides students with state-of-the-art facilities. These include a resource center with online and print materials, and an instructional area, where interested students are encouraged to exchange ideas on the major issues of the day.

The New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College was established in 1999 to serve as a resource for students, scholars, politicians and the general public. Founded on the premise that an educated citizenship is vital for a healthy democracy, the Institute conducts programs and research that are designed to enlighten and encourage people for a lifetime of civic participation. The Institute has no alliances, formal or informal, with any political party, organization or agenda. It seeks to develop programming, and to foster scholarship and dialogue, encompassing a diverse range of political topics, opinions and issues. It also seeks to foster undergraduate research in politics and international relations.


The Department offers two minors, in Politics and in International Relations, which are described below. In addition, the Department encourages students to consider minors in Campaign Management and in Public Policy Studies, which are described later in the catalogue.




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