May 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalogue 
2023-2024 Catalogue

Public Health

Bachelor of Science

Five Electives, one from each of the following categories:

Structures, Policy and Communications:

Major Course Sequence:

Public Health students typically begin with Intro to Public Health, Anatomy and Physiology, and Introduction to Sociology in the first year, followed by Microbiology, General Psychology, and Research Methods in their sophomore year. Their senior year includes the two course capstone that includes an experiential learning/internship.

Sample Course Sequence for Public Health Majors:

Sample Course Sequence for Public Health majors
Freshman Year  
Fall Spring
HU 103 - Conversatio I HU 104 - Conversatio II
PBH 101 - Introduction to Public Health (SOC & CITZ) SO 101- Intro to Sociology (SOC)
EN 105 - Freshman English (COMP) BI 110 - Anatomy & Physiology (SCI)
Language Language or Core (HIST)
Sophomore Year  
Fall Spring
Elective/Core Elective/Core
Statistics (QUAN) Research Methods (WRIT)
BI 108 - Microbiology PY 101 - General Psychology (SOC)
PBH Elective 1 PBH Elective 2
Junior Year  
Fall Spring
SO 228 - Health and Illness or SO 300 - epidemics and Society PBH 375 - Health Policy and Economics
PBH Elective 3 Core (AEST)
Core (ETH) Core (THER)
PBH 449 - Community Public Health (GLOB) BI XXX - Environmental Health
Senior Year  
Fall Spring
PBH 451 - Capstone (WRIT) PBH 452 - Internship
Elective Elective
Core (BIBL) TH 272 - Medical Ethics (CATH)
PBH Elective 4 PBH Elective 5