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2016-2017 Catalogue 
2016-2017 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Major and Certification (K-6)

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Major requirements include:

Elementary teacher candidates major in Education Studies: Elementary Education. These candidates will be eligible for K-6 certification. Candidates must successfully pass Praxis Core Academic Skills Test (ETS), Foundations of Reading (Pearson) and Praxis II (elementary) or equivalent exams. Candidates will complete a clinical experience in one of each of the following grade groupings: (K-2), (3-4), and (5-6). It is highly recommended that a variety of sites are used: Catholic, urban, and suburban.

Students considering studying abroad, which is not required for the Elementary Education major, must decide by the end of the spring semester freshmen year. It is critical for planning purposes.

Students will complete core and major requirements. There are five clinical experiences that are embedded in each of the following courses: ED 130 - Principles of Teaching and Learning , SEFE (Sophomore Early Field Experience), 30 hours; ED 322 - Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity in Education , 30 hours; ED 375 - Theory and Methods of Teaching Elementary Reading , 30 hours; ED 430 - Elementary Reading and Mathematics Seminar , Bridge Experience, 20 hours; and ED 432 - Supervised Student Teaching , 15 weeks. Each placement will be in a school with an experienced certified elementary teacher. 

The Education Department does not allow service learning hours to count for more than one course at a time. Therefore, Education students are able to take one service learning or clinical course per semester.

Elementary Education Required Courses

Additional required courses are pre-populated onto the plan of study. Those courses must be taken during the designated semester.

The student has flexibility when she takes the following courses:

  • EN 105 English Composition (fall or spring, first year)
  • CH 100 ST: Integrated Science (spring, before ED 450)
  • TH Biblical Literacy (fall or spring, before Catholic Theological Reasoning)
  • MA 110 Concepts of Math (spring, before ED380)
  • PH 105 Philosophy (fall or spring, before PH 107)
  • ED 250 Arts and Creativity in the Elementary Classroom (fall or spring)
  • PY 199 Child Development (fall or spring, before ED 322)
  • HI 199 US History (fall or spring, before ED 450)
  • PH 107 Ethics (fall or spring)
  • TH Catholic Theological Reasoning (fall or spring)
  • 5 free Electives

Course Sequence Outline

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

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