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2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology plays a leading role in guiding and supporting the integration of technologies on campus. The goal is to help Saint Anselm College faculty, students, and staff use technologies in learning, teaching, research, and administrative settings.

Facilities include several student computing centers, one in the Goulet Science Center, one in Cushing Center, one in Poisson Hall, and the Learning Commons in Giesel Library. All computers are connected to the campus fiber optic network, which also provides high-speed access to the Internet. The Weiler Computing Center in Goulet has 20 Pentium-based personal computers and 20 iMAC Macintosh computers, the Academic Resource Center Lab in Cushing Center is equipped with 20 Pentium-based personal computers and the Poisson Hall classroom, which doubles as a public lab when not in use for classes, houses 30 Pentium-based computers. All computing centers provide laser printers, scanners, and a variety of computer applications, including word processors, database programs, statistical analysis programs, and online tutorials.

The College provides Campus with 200MB connection to the Internet and has installed a campus-wide fiber optic backbone network supporting additional services, such as electronic mail, satellite television, and Internet access from all facilities, including faculty and staff offices, classrooms and all residence halls. The College also provides wireless network access, the newest generation of hi-speed wireless available today. Wireless is available in the Library, Coffee Shop, Cushing Center, all classrooms, faculty offices and all Residence Halls. The College requires users to adhere to an Acceptable Use Policy available on the College’s web site and in the student handbook.

All students living in campus-owned housing have network access and satellite television services. Many academic departments, administrative offices and student service programs provide information online via the myAnselm Campus Portal and the College’s web pages. The Office of Information Technology maintains the campus card system, supporting meal plan options, purchasing privileges, laundry and building access privileges. Lost or stolen cards can be invalidated and the patron account protected by single entry to a system database.

Information Technology provides computer and video-based presentation services to the College community, including equipment on several computer platforms for the production of multimedia programs and computer graphic slides and overheads. Video services consist of DVD/ VCD, VCR equipment, camcorders and monitors for playback and recording purposes and a linear editing system for piecing simple video programs together and the duplication of videotapes for academic use.