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2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The Biology major is designed for students wishing to explore life science at multiple levels ranging from the molecular to the organismal to the ecosystem level. The curriculum seeks to develop organizational and communication skills, critical thinking and the ability to synthesize information. Graduates of the program are well prepared to undertake advanced study in graduate, medical or dental school, or for a career in business or education.

Major requirements include:

Additional requirements include:

The courses above are required, plus seven other courses chosen from those listed below. At least one course must be selected from each of the following four categories (four courses total). One of the remaining three biology electives may be replaced with: Directed Research in Biology (BI 421  - BI 422  or BI 423 ); Internship (BI 451  and/or BI 452 ); Washington Internship (BI 450 ). Six of the seven must be lab courses.

Course Sequence Outline

To assist students in selecting a balance of courses from several academic areas, each Biology major is assigned a faculty advisor with whom a close advisee-advisor relationship must be developed. Scientific research is an important aspect of an education in science and each major is strongly recommended to replace one of the seven required courses with one of the following: (1) under the direction of a faculty member, participate in Directed Research in Biology (BI 421  - BI 422  or BI 423 ); (2) develop, with direction from the Internship Facilitator, an individual internship program (BI 451  and/or BI 452 ); or (3) participate in the Washington Internship Program (BI 450 ).

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year



Junior Year



Senior Year




See Biological Sciences Overview  for additional information.