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2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Major requirements include:

Students majoring in Classics may concentrate either in Greek or in Latin. If Latin is chosen, six courses in Latin, exclusive of Latin 103 , and four courses in Greek are required. If Greek is chosen, six courses in Greek, exclusive of GR 100   and four courses in Latin are required. It is strongly recommended that HI 311  - HI 312 , PH 211 , an Archaeology course and two years of a modern foreign language be taken as electives. The student must also pass a written comprehensive examination in the language, literature and culture of Greece and Rome.

Classics majors who have met the requirements of CL 103  - CL 104 and CL 205  - CL 206  and wish to prepare for state certification to teach Latin in secondary schools (See Education  and Teacher Education Program ) will also take CL 321  - CL 322 , CL 258 , and HI 312  and participate in Sophomore Early Field Experience, and Supervised Student Teaching in the second semester of the senior year.

Ordinary Course Sequence for Freshman Classics Major

Freshman Year



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