May 23, 2022  
2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The English Department has a dual aim: to teach students how to read literature appreciatively and expertly, and to help them develop a mastery of written and oral expression. To accomplish the first aim, the department offers courses which require students to read widely-primarily in British and American literature-and courses which introduce students to literary theory and history. Together, both types of courses acquaint the student with the rich variety of literary works, their relationship to historical events and intellectual currents, and changing conceptions of literature. The department seeks to produce readers who can recognize literary excellence in ancient poetry or modern novels, and who can discern the humanistic values intrinsic to these works. To accomplish the second aim- skillful writing-the department offers a wide range of courses from basic to advanced composition, journalism, and creative writing. Students are encouraged to develop clear, graceful, and effective prose.

Sequence of Courses for English Major:

English majors should take EN 105   in the fall semester of their freshman year andEN 106   in the fall or spring of their freshman year, or as soon as they have declared English as their major. The sequence in which they take major courses and fulfill core requirements will vary depending upon the various choices a student makes (i.e. minor(s), a second major, study abroad, internships). Students should work closely with their academic advisors in planning their course schedules and longer range plans. Note that students pursuing teaching must take Introduction to General Linguistics (EN 355  ) and either Public Speaking (EN 221  ) or Oral Interpretation of Literature (EN 222  ). Students pursuing a major in both English and Communication should work with their advisor to determine the number of courses that will fulfill requirements in each. 


Of the four remaining electives in English, at least two must be literature courses. Students pursuing teaching certification may take all four remaining electives in non-literature courses within the department as long as the courses pertain directly to a career in teaching, and they must take Introduction to General Linguistics (EN 355 ) and either Public Speaking (EN 221 ) or Oral Interpretation of Literature (EN 222 ).


As requirements for graduation, English majors must write and defend a senior thesis (done within the Senior Seminar course) and take a written comprehensive examination that tests general literary knowledge.