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2014-2015 Catalogue 
2014-2015 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy Minor

The minor in Philosophy is designed to complement other interests for the student whose major is not Philosophy and who desires to increase his or her philosophical understanding and background.

Minor requirements include: 5 courses


  • In lieu of PH 105 and PH 107, students may take PH 108-PH109 The Philosophical Life Seminar I-II, a two-semester course taught by one professor and covering the same topics as PH 105 and PH 107 but ordered historically.

Choose at least one from the following:


Three further courses are to be chosen by the student in consultation with a member of the philosophy department who has agreed to serve as the student’s adviser for the minor in philosophy. These courses should provide a focus for the minor, for instance, on history of philosophy, or on some aspect of value theory (ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy), or on speculative philosophy. In exceptional cases, with sufficient rationale provided by the student, one non-philosophy course may be accepted in fulfillment of requirements for the philosophy minor, provided that course does not also count toward the student’s major.