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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Support Services


Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaims and nourishes our faith in God through prayer and work to encourage lives that are creative and generous. At the service of the entire college community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and guests) professional staff and student leaders offer opportunities to develop spiritually and become involved in service to others in light of their faith. Campus Ministry is a welcome environment for students, faculty, and staff of all faiths and seek to support all members of the Saint Anselm community wherever they are in their spiritual journey. 

College Health Services

In support of the educational mission of Saint Anselm, College Health Services seeks to educate students to live a healthy life style as an important determinant of overall health, and to ensure the responsibility of the individual as an active participant in maintaining personal health.

College Health Service is a holistic health service which includes medical services, counseling services and health education. In each of these areas, the staff endeavors to assist the student to make responsible life choices which affect future health and well-being and lead to an integrative balance of the many aspects of the self.

Medical Services are available to resident students as part of their room and board. Non-resident students may utilize the clinic for a small annual fee. A registered nurse and/or advance practice registered nurse is in attendance at specified times. A physician is available at the clinic twice a week and is available for consultation and referral at other times. All health service visits and records are confidential. Because our approach is multidisciplinary (involving nursing, medical and counseling professionals) in certain instances our staff members confer with one another to better coordinate care. In addition, nursing staff members are available for health related educational presentations in residence halls, to clubs, to athletic teams or in the classroom.

A health assessment form is sent to each student who has been accepted for admission. All students planning to enroll at Saint Anselm College are required to complete this form and to return it to the College. Registration for classes and campus housing assignment will be made only after receipt of a completed assessment form.

Counseling services are available to all resident and non-resident students on a short-term individual basis. The College encourages students who are having difficulties of a personal, emotional or social nature, or who simply need support and encouragement, to seek the services of a personal counselor. All communications are directly between the counselor and student, are confidential, and do not become a part of academic or other college records. Students needing continued long-term counseling will be assisted with resources in the local community. During each semester, counseling services may offer a number of supportive and therapeutic groups and educational programs related to mental health issues.

B.A.S.I.C.S.   (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students)/ C.A.S.I.C.S (Cannabis) is a personal 2-session motivational interviewing format with a counselor which uses a harm reduction approach with a goal of moving a student in the direction of reducing risky behaviors and harmful effects from drinking or marijuana use.

The College Health Committee is composed of administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Committee members meet regularly during the academic year and serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Health Services on issues of campus health and student support services.

C.H.O.I.C.E.S., an alcohol and other drug education program, is available to students through College Health Services. This program has several different components or levels and is designed to influence lifestyle risk reduction by presenting research based information and exploring attitudes about alcohol and other drug use. Completion of an online Alcohol and Sexual Consent program is required of all incoming new students pre-matriculation to the college.

The Saint Anselm College Emergency Medical Service (SACEMS) includes students who are nationally certified EMT’s and are licensed in the State of New Hampshire. They respond to emergency situations on campus where there is a need for emergency medical attention. These student volunteers work under the direction of and in close cooperation with Health Services and Campus Safety and Security.

Co-curricular and Involvement Activities

While the development of the intellectual life is the primary reason for a student’s enrollment in a liberal arts college, a college education includes more than the hours spent in classrooms, libraries, and laboratories. Students are encouraged to attend and to participate in the liturgical, artistic, cultural, recreational, charitable and social activities sponsored by or through the College. Membership and participation in student organizations or activities provide valuable practical experience in interpersonal relations and lead to the development of initiative, leadership, responsibility and fair play, all of which are critical to the realization of a mature personality and a meaningful life.

A listing of opportunities for involvement in clubs and organizations is published in the Student Handbook.

Alva de Mars Megan Chapel Art Center

Saint Anselm College seeks to integrate the visual arts as a vital part of a student’s education. In addition to course offerings relating to the visual arts, Saint Anselm College supports a wide variety of opportunities for enrichment in the visual arts outside the classroom.

The Chapel Art Center organizes several specially curated and traveling art exhibitions each year, ranging in subject from religious and historical themes to modern and contemporary movements. The Chapel Art Center also houses a permanent collection of paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture that is frequently included in exhibitions.

In collaboration with the Fine Arts and other academic departments, the Chapel Art Center organizes student and faculty exhibitions, hosts visiting artists and lecturers, and presents music performances, with the goal of integrating gallery programming with the college curriculum. Receptions, recitals, small seminars, and classroom discussion groups are regularly scheduled within this artful setting, to facilitate visual literacy and artistic knowledge.

A number of students serve as Gallery Attendants and Interns, assisting in exhibition installations and staffing the gallery for public viewing and special events.

The Father Jonathan, O.S.B., Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion

Grounded in the Benedictine tradition of hospitality, the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion serves as a safe space where all Saint Anselm College students can drop in to meet new friends and enjoy relaxing conversation. It is our mission to empower students with the resources, skills, and opportunities necessary for academic achievement, leadership development, and purposeful civic engagement. Through cross-cultural dialogues and examining issues relevant to diversity and social justice, we hope to nurture a generation of informed world citizens who find unity within our differences. Overall the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion strives to build community, support the academic mission of the institution, and offer opportunities to promote learning and leadership outside the formal academic curriculum. 

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion strives to provide the highest quality of programs and services to embrace multicultural education and cultivate learning and appreciation, as well as nurture an atmosphere of inclusion and positive social change.

Core Values
Transformative Education - We contribute to the academic mission of the College by facilitating thought-provoking and participatory learning experiences.

Community - We actively strive to build a positive, inclusive environment by encouraging all students (regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, etc.) to visit the Center, participate in our programs, and utilize our services. Commuter students are strongly encouraged to use our resources (lounge space, lockers for storage, computers, television, and a functional kitchen area with a refrigerator and microwave) and participate in programs designed to facilitate their success and connection to the campus community. 

Collaboration - We recognize that our work cannot be done alone and hope to serve as a model for students. 

Student Success - We encourage academic achievement, personal development, and accountability, which promotes life -long learning.

Engagement - We encourage students to develop global competency, leadership skills and to make connections between the academic and co-curricular experiences.

Programs and Services
Saint Anselm College members are welcome to use the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion for studying, relaxing, and hosting group meetings and small programs. The Center is a multi-purpose space with tables, chairs and couches; computers, a TV, lockers and kitchenette. It is open 24 hours a day Monday through Friday. Groups who would like to reserve the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion can do so in person or by emailing interculturalcenter@anselm.edu.

The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion is responsible for providing support services and effective communication to commuter students to facilitate their success and connection to the Saint Anselm Community. Commuters are encouraged to utilize the Center’s lounge area which is a multi-purpose space with tables, chairs and couches; computers, a television, lockers and kitchenette. Programs and events are planned throughout the year to improve the experience of commuter students at Saint Anselm College. Commuters are encouraged to send questions, comments or concerns to the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion at interculturalcenter@anselm.edu.

Transitions Pre-Orientation Program
For new students who would like to get acquainted with campus before the bustle of Freshman Move-In Day, the Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion offers the Transitions Program. Transitions is a free program that is designed to strengthen the academic, social and cultural experiences of first-year students. It is particularly relevant for students from traditionally underrepresented, (commuter, first-generation, & multicultural) groups but students from ALL backgrounds are encouraged to participate. This program compliments the College’s New Student Orientation Program by presenting students with a preview of campus life. Participants will spend three days on campus before New Student Orientation connecting with student leaders, getting familiar with campus resources and services, and learning strategies to successfully transition from high school to college. They will be provided an opportunity to network with fellow Saint Anselm students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Beyond the first week of the program (throughout the year), Transitions aims to provide a welcoming and supportive community for students. Activities and resources with an emphasis on academic readiness, campus support, and social/cultural enrichment will be provided. Participants will be paired with a mentor who they will meet with monthly. 

Cultural Celebrations
The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion provides a diverse range of programs and activities that educate and raise awareness, affirm identity and foster relationships. They provide opportunities for all members of the community to come together in shared understandings and support of diversity and inclusion at Saint Anselm and beyond. Some of our annual events include: Intercultural Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Program, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, and the Intercultural Holiday Dinner.
Student Leadership Success
The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion offers a variety of leadership opportunities where students are encouraged to engage in activities that promote personal and academic development, community engagement, cultivate inclusiveness and transformational relationships that will enrich the student’s educational experience and build lifelong skills. Some of those programs are: the Unity Retreat, the Peer Mentor Leadership Training and the Transitions End of the Year Banquet.

Diversity Education
The Center for Intercultural Learning and Inclusion staff conducts workshops and various campus-based programs related to diversity for the Saint Anselm community. The purpose of these initiatives is to strengthen and enhance awareness of diversity within the College community as it relates to race, gender, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disabilities, and more. Through these efforts, participants explore ways they can make the College a place where diversity is welcomed and appreciated. 

Student Advocacy/Referrals
Advocacy for students exists in many different forms.  We serve as a voice for underrepresented student populations, make appropriate referrals, offer informal, individualized counseling and academic advising, and help with stressors related to academics, roommate issues, finances, etc.

Theatre Performances

Theatre performances at Saint Anselm College are regularly produced by the Anselmian Abbey Players, the student theatre interest organization on campus, and are performed in the Koonz Theatre of the Dana Humanities Center. From their first production in 1949 of Career Angel the Abbey Players have consistently produced high quality theatre performances. This student organization currently presents five annual major productions: the Family Weekend Show, the Fall Production, student-directed One-Act plays, the Spring Musical, and Shakespeare scenes. Students interested in learning about and participating in all phases of theatre production are encouraged to join.