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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Honors Program

The Saint Anselm College Honors Program offers students of demonstrated superior academic ability a challenging and exciting blend of enhanced core courses, honors electives, independent research projects, thesis development, and enriched interaction with faculty and fellow Honors students. Grounded firmly in the belief that a truly liberal education combines breadth and depth, the Honors Program draws highly motivated students and faculty from all disciplines to work closely together in intensive critical thinking, research, and cultural experiences. The Honors Program is one way for students to deepen their mastery of the liberal arts and to distinguish themselves as they pursue graduate and professional schools, and employment.

Requirements for the Honors Program include a Senior Honors Colloquium, Conversatio I, and a minimum of four other Honors courses within and outside the Core.  Nursing students’ requirements include a Senior Honors Colloquium, Conversatio I, and a minimum of three other Honors courses within and outside the Core.  Students will have the opportunity to take Honors courses across a wide range of disciplines.  In addition, students must undertake language study to the 300-level (except for Nursing students).  The language requirement can become the basis for a minor in language, and it can also be fulfilled abroad.  Students must also complete an Honors thesis.  The Honors thesis can be written in junior or senior year, and it can be interdisciplinary.  For students whose majors require a senior thesis, the Honors thesis can be an augmented version of the departmental requirement, the guidelines for which are determined by each department.

Students choose to follow one of two Honors Tracks: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Honors Program encourages students to shape their research and course selection around their interests, and the College makes every effort to be flexible regarding study abroad, internships, and independent study requests. The Honors Program offers a variety of academic, social, and cultural activities throughout the year, planned by the Honors Student Advisory Council.

Completing the Honors Program requirements is an impressive achievement, which Saint Anselm College recognizes by granting successful graduates the Honors Bachelor of Arts or Honors Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. To graduate with Honors, students should achieve a minimum GPA of 3.4.  Admission into the Program is obtained primarily by invitation, but interested students with demonstrated academic achievement may also apply to the Director. For additional information and program requirements, contact the Director of the Honors Program.