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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BI 318 - Microbiology for Majors

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of general and clinical microbiology. The general microbiology component is a study of the principles underlying the basic life processes of microorganisms, and topics include microbial cell structure, genetics, metabolism, and growth characteristics. The clinical microbiology is a focus on the interactions between microorganisms and the human body. Topics include normal microbiota, pathogenic microorganisms, mechanisms of disease, defense systems of the host, nosocomial infections, and the use of antibiotics to control infection. In the laboratory, students gain hands-on experience with the microscope, aseptic technique, bacterial staining techniques, biochemical testing, and ELISA.

Three hours of lecture/seminar and three hours of lab each week for one semester. Four credits.

Prerequisite(s): BI 103  - BI 104  or equivalent as determined by Department Chair.

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