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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Sociology is the scientific study of human social life, groups, and societies.  The study of Sociology gives the student an understanding and appreciation of the nature of society, social institutions, and people as social beings and creators of culture. Students in the major explore dimensions of social life and raise questions, synthesize information, analyze data, and present conclusions. Through systematic investigation and analysis, students gain knowledge and insight into the complex systems of relations constituting the modern world. Thus, students will be better prepared to make intelligent decisions in their own lives and to contribute more effectively to shaping society and the world.

Major requirements include:

Major Course Sequence:

Students typically begin with SO101 in the first year, followed by SO 211 in their sophomore year, SO 212 in their sophomore or junior year, SO 325 in the first semester of the junior year, and SO 453 in the senior year. Sociology electives may be taken at any time. Students are highly encouraged to take a one (SO 481) or two course (SO 485) internship in their senior year.

Sample Course Sequence for Sociology Majors:
Freshman Year  
Fall Spring
HU - 103 Conversatio I HU 104 - Conversatio II
SO 101 - Introduction to Sociology EN 105 - Freshman English
Elective or Core SO Elective
Language Language or Core
Sophomore Year  
Fall Spring
SO 211 - Research Methods SO 212 - Social Statistics
Historical Reasoning Aesthetic Engagement
Scientific Reasoning SO Elective or Core
Language or Elective Elective
Junior Year  
Fall Spring
SO 325 -  Social Theory SO Elective
SO 344 - Global Society (core) SO Elective
Philosophical/Theological Reasoning Philosophical/Theological Reasoning
Core/Elective Elective
Senior Year  
Fall Spring
SO 481 - Sociology Internship SO 453 - Senior Seminar
SO Elective SO 481 - Sociology Internship
Philosophical/Theological Reasoning Philosophical/Theological Reasoning
Elective Elective


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