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2021-2022 Catalogue 
2021-2022 Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Humanities Minor

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The minor in Humanities presents students an opportunity to explore themes in the Humanities through advanced and interdisciplinary courses. Combining advanced courses offered by the Humanities departments (Classics, English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Theology) with interdisciplinary, team-taught classes both within the humanities and between the humanities and social and natural sciences, the minor promotes in-depth study of defined themes contextualized within larger questions of human values and experience that are central to the Liberal Arts mission of the college. Relying in large measure upon syntheses of disciplines and pedagogical approaches, the Humanities minor offers an integrated approach to learning that can appeal to all students who wish to supplement their chosen major with a program that broadens their thinking about what it means to be human and challenges them to explore important questions within an active seminar environment.

Minor requirements include:

  • Full-time degree candidates from any major.
  • Formal registration for the minor should preferably be completed no later than the 2nd semester of the junior year.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 is required at the time of registration.

To earn the minor students must complete five HU designated courses (excluding Conversatio). At least three of the courses must be designated HU courses that feature both an interdisciplinary approach and interdisciplinary content. Two of these HU courses must be team-taught. Qualifying HU courses include:


  •  HU 303 Conversatio Honors Colloquium
  •  HU 305 Paris New York in the 1920’s and 1930’s
  •  HU 310 England’s Catholic Underground
  •  HU 315 Shakespeare and Political Power
  •  HU 320 The Benedictines
  •  HU 345 (HI345/EN345) Mid-Victorian History and Literature.
  •  HU 346/PH 345 Confucian Thinkers
  •  HU 375 Gender in Literature and Music
  •  Ed 350/TH 399 Catholic Education (special topics)
  •  ITO200 Chiavi: Keys to Our Cultural Heritage
  •  CH 112 Science of Art and Artifacts

The other two courses counted towards the minor may be advanced courses in one of the seven participating departments(see below). Students must take these advanced courses from two different sponsoring departments. These courses may not count towards the student’s first major area of study, but may be counted towards their second major or minor. 


CL 210 - Art and Architecture of the Ancient World, CL 222 Classical Mythology: The Gods CL 223 Classical Mythology: The Heroes. CL 231 Survey of Greek Literature, CL 232 Survey of Latin Literature, CL 250 Classics Special Topics, CL 260 Ancient Law, CL 261 Ancient Athletics, CL 262 War and Culture in the Ancient World, CL 275 Intro to Archaeology, CL 276 The Archaeology of Egypt, CL 277 The Survey of the Archaeology of Greece, CL 278 The Survey of the Archaeology of Rome, CL 280 Archaeological Fieldwork, CL 281 Study Tour, CL 301 Greek Historiography, CL 302 Greek Philosophy, CL310 Greek Epic, CL 314 Greek Tragedy, CL 315 Greek Comedy, CL 317 New Testament Greek, CL 319 Greek Special Topics, CL 321 Latin Prose Composition I, CL322 Latin Prose Composition II, CL 323 Vergil, CL 324 Cicero, CL325 Ovid, CL 330 Roman Epic Poets, CL 331 Roman Comedy, CL 332 Roman Lyric Poets, CL 333 Roman Elegiac Poet, CL 334 Roman Satire, CL 336 Roman Philosophy, CL 340 Silver Age Latin, CL 341 Roman Historiography- Republican, CL 342 Roman Historiography Imperial, CL 346 Post Classical Latin, CL 350 Latin Special Topics


All EN literature course at the 200 level or above, as well as CM 259 Modes of Film Communication and CM 310 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism can count towards the HU minor.

Fine Arts:

Any Fine Arts Department course in Art History, Studio Art, or Music (FAH, FAS, or MU) at the 200 or 300 level can count towards the HU minor.


All 300-level History courses can count towards the HU minor.

Modern Languages:
The following courses can count towards the HU minor:

Chinese: French: German: Russian: Spanish:

All courses numbered CN 300 and above
All courses numbered FR 320 and above
GR 320 and all courses numbered GR 322 and above
RU 129 and all courses numbers RU 300 and above All courses numbered SP 355 and above



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